What do women want to watch in porn movies?

What do women want to watch in porn movies?

For years many have grown up not only with taboos on sex, but also with certain beliefs about it: that for example women only make love, never sex, that adventures and casual relationships have nothing to do with good girls, that masturbation is the shortest way to reach hell and, above all, that pornography is reserved exclusively for the male universe.

Ok, it is true that women do not like any kind of pornographic movie. They are clear in what they want to see.

Women do not prefer to watch violent or forced sex. They love sex where there is a sentimental involvement.

Women who are hit with the palms of their hands and women who pull by the hair. It is clear that, in such a context, not every female spectator feels well.

It is no coincidence that only 26% of porn viewers are women. Nobody likes it and it's no pleasure for anyone to be considered a doll or fetish (sex object).

So is there female pornography? The answer is absolutely yes.

Female Pornography: Characteristics and Changes

Although their number is clearly ridiculous compared to the market intended for male consumption, there is a whole line of red-stamped films dedicated to the female audience.

The actors are very natural, they are nice men, but normal. After all, the protagonists are not secretaries, clients of ardent plumbers or, in general, small items in the hands of the partner.

Oral sex exists, but only if it is bilateral, and not unilateral, while anatomical details and voyeurism are completely forbidden.

In short, the script is definitely much more natural, entertaining, away from the scandalous scenes of many adult movies.

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