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What is digital aging and how can you prevent it?

What is digital aging and how can you prevent it?

Digital devices are increasingly important in our lives. But while the advantages are many, there are also downsides: we are not just talking about abuse and addiction, but also the effects they have on our body. Simply put, these technologies make us older.

What is digital aging?

The term digital aging (refers to the effects of technology on our body. They are caused by the so-called "blue light" that every day causes permanent damage to the skin, premature aging, to postural problems and sleep quality problems.

Causes of Digital Aging

Those responsible for digital premature aging are precisely the devices that accompany us every day: not only our inseparable smartphones, but also tablets, PCs and LED lights.

One of the main culprits is what is commonly called "blue light", the High Visible Energy (or Hev) emitted by the screens of our devices, which has negative effects especially on our skin. Screens in front of which, according to a study, we spend a lot of time: on average 6 hours a day, for an impressive total of 3 consecutive months each year.

Digital Aging: Effects and Consequences

Skin dehydration, wrinkles, fatigue, insomnia, postural damage to the neck, back, spine and thumb. These are just some of the effects of digital aging due to the use of technological devices.

How to prevent digital aging

The final solution would be to permanently remove digital devices or minimize their use. Without using such extreme strategies, it is possible to try to reduce the damage of exposure to blue light by combining an hour of exposure with a break of at least 5-10 minutes, trying to keep your eyes and skin away from electromagnetic radiation to at least 6 hours during the day.

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent dehydration.

In terms of postural problems, however, it is necessary to try to use the equipment while maintaining the proper position, trying to change position frequently by moving the muscles and doing exercises.