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The last words some people say to their children on their deathbed

The last words some people say to their children on their deathbed

Losing a parent is difficult. But for some people, being present for a parent's last words can be a comfort (unfortunately, for others, it only makes the experience more difficult).

For Buzzfeed, some people have shared these moments:

“My father was dying of liver cancer all of a sudden. On his last day, he was awake and we talked all day. In the evening his breathing became heavy. He called me and said: I think I have done good things. He fell asleep and left."

"My mom was in the intensive care unit. At one point he came to his senses and told us: Marriage is ... (long pause) ... unique and different. She was married to our father in 1934. Now that I have been married for 33 years, I understand what she meant."

“My mother's last words to me on her deathbed were: I made you a better man... and she did. God, how I miss you."
"Michael keeps asking me to dance," Mom told me about Dad on his deathbed. I replied: Oh, mom, say yes. And after my sentence she closed her eyes forever. Apparently he said yes."

"My father told me: I didn't want to leave so soon, baby."

"My father's last words were, 'The devil got me. I'm in his hands now. I said: Do you see Jesus? Called him. He replied: It is too late now." And gone..."

"I was sitting by my father's bed on his last night. He had not opened his eyes and had not spoken for days, when he suddenly opened his eyes, saw me and said: A day is coming when everyone must die. You can't do anything about it. If you can do something good, do it in the days before this day. Then he closed his eyes and a few hours later he was gone."