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Do you have bad handwriting? Well, congratulations!

Do you have bad handwriting? Well, congratulations!

Have you been scolded all your life for having incomprehensible writing, or as many say: "bad writing"?

Congratulations! You are intelligent. So the next time you get scolded, don't be upset!
Poor spelling, or dysgraphia, is often seen as a sign of low intelligence in school. But in fact, poor handwriting can indicate above average intelligence. That's what the experts say.

Many other personality traits and abilities can be expressed in messy handwriting, such as creativity and quick thinking. These people are thought to be good at putting their ideas down on paper and usually have a lot of thoughts and ideas.⁠⁠

It also means that the individual's brain is typing faster than their hand can hold the thought they have. These people prioritize putting ideas on paper, more than giving importance to writing.