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A world without internet

A world without internet

For most of us, having the digital world at our fingertips is something we take for granted, something we don't remember when it started and don't think it can ever end.

A day without the Internet seems like a complete disconnection from the world.

Facilitation of services, access to information, entertainment and above all keeps people close who are physically far away. Of course, there is also the other side of the coin: there is bullying, cyber attacks, addiction to the virtual world... So much so that many people blame the Internet for many of humanity's challenges today.

If we take it for granted for more than 2.7 billion people it is a distant dream. They are still cut off from the world and awaiting transformation.

The Internet between jungles, oceans, deserts and the world's most challenging terrains has been mission impossible for many companies for three decades.

When we remember this, maybe we won't curse him so much.