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What about children who don't have one parent? The original idea of ​​a school in Italy to replace Mother's Day and Father's Day

What about children who don't have one parent? The original idea of ​​a

Could Father's Day or Mother's Day be a problem for someone? There are those who believe that these holidays should be spent in silence, because those who do not have one parent by their side may feel "different" from their peers. And this is what prompted the Istituto Manzoni - Augruso of Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro), in Italy, to avoid Mother's and Father's holidays. The same applies to Grandparents Day, which is on October 1.

The decision was taken by the director Antonella Mongiardo, who communicated it to the teaching staff and the students' parents on Friday, March 17. He did not ask about the displeasure he caused to some parents or teachers.

The decision comes from examining the situations of children who will not be able to celebrate these holidays in their homes precisely because one of these figures is missing: "Some of them will not be able to celebrate March 19, because their father does not it's with. here. Other children will no longer have the joy of bringing their mother a paper rose on the second Sunday of May. Out of love for these children, we can all make a small sacrifice."

However, the manager does not want to avoid celebrating the importance of loved ones and therefore decided to set up an alternative initiative: "Instead of celebrating Father's Day and Mother's Day, we can celebrate, on the same dates, ' family day', to give all children the opportunity to experience it in a relaxed way and without feeling less fortunate than others," she said.