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Yes, people can die of grief

Yes, people can die of grief

The husband of a teacher who was shot dead at a school in Uvalde, Texas, has reportedly died of a heart attack.

Joe Garcia died Thursday morning after visiting a memorial to his wife, Irma Garcia, his nephew John Martinez told the media. The couple have reportedly been together since high school, and Martinez initially said Joe Garcia died "of grief".

Grief was also the reason why, hours after "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher died of a heart attack in 2016, her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, reportedly suffered a fatal stroke.

"The stress of his sister's death was too great for his mother," said Reynolds's son Todd Fisher.

While it is impossible to say whether acute distress has contributed to death, it is medically possible for stressful events to cause health fatalities.

"Grief is a very personal experience," says Dr. Jose Biller, professor and chairman of the heart attack center at Loyola University in Chicago.

The pain of the death of an important person is associated with an immediate increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease, Biller explained. Indeed, there is significant research on what is known as the "widow effect", where the death of one partner increases the chances of the other being alive to die.

According to a study published in 2014 it was found that within one month of their partner's death, male and female participants who died were at a higher risk for a stroke or heart attack compared to their non-male peers. had experienced the loss of a partner.

"Broken" and "happy" heart syndromes.

There is also a phenomenon known as "broken heart" syndrome or takotsubo cardiomyopathy, which mimics the symptoms of a heart attack and is characterized by chest pain and shortness of breath after severe emotional or physical stress. This phenomenon occurs despite the fact that there is no evidence of coronary artery obstruction, according to Harvard Woman's Health Watch.

Sindroma e "zemrës së thyer" është rrallë fatale dhe shumica e njerëzve që përjetojnë sindromën shërohen shpejt, pa ndonjë dëmtim afatgjatë nga presioni i ulët i gjakut, dhimbja e gjoksit ose gulçimi.

Dhe megjithëse ngjarjet negative të jetës kanë më shumë gjasa të shkaktojnë kardiomiopati takotsubo sesa ato pozitive, rezulton se stresi pozitiv (si për shembull një festë e papritur e ditëlindjes) mund të shkaktojë probleme të ngjashme në zemër , sipas një studimi të botuar në mars.

Të dy sindromat e zemrës "së thyer" dhe "të lumtur" ndodhin pothuajse tek gratë , dhe megjithëse studiuesit nuk e dinë me siguri pse është kjo, ata teorizojnë se mund të ketë një lidhje midis niveleve të ulëta të estrogjenit tek gratë pas menopauzës dhe kardiomiopatisë takotsubo.

While deaths from broken heart syndrome are extremely rare, heart damage from grief can cause long-term damage.