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Why you're not rising to the task, 5 behaviors that are holding you back

Why you're not rising to the task, 5 behaviors that are holding you back

Unfortunately, rising to the occasion is more of an art than a science. Whether or not you are waiting for a promotion, these 5 tips will help you achieve your goals and realize your mistakes.

Never recognize the contribution of others to your work

One of the most important truths about management is that when people below you are doing well, it's to their credit, and when they do something wrong, it's all your fault. People who respect you and are nice to work with always give you credit where you really worked and don't dismiss your work.

One of the behaviors that will affect not being promoted is not congratulating colleagues, behaving negatively and not accepting that someone else may be right about something.

Constantly looking to rise to the occasion instead of thinking about how you can improve

That doesn't mean you should never ask for it, but you have to be smart about finding the right time to ask for it and how to ask for it from your manager. If you are going to move up, focus on how you can improve and achieve higher results, in your contributions and the way you work.

Asking and asking all the time to be promoted instead of contributing and working harder will certainly not help you.

Make sure you get what you want from a promotion

It's crazy that so many people ask for a promotion because they just do their job well. Promotion does not come simply if you do the job well, but if you, with what you do, really add value to the company where you work, outside of the role you have been given.

If you ask for a promotion without fulfilling these conditions, your boss will understand that you are asking for it only for personal reasons and not for the good of the company, and you will not get a positive response.

Asking for a promotion emotionally instead of focusing on facts

Very often people get angry and frustrated in these conversations, without expressing what they really deserve. Don't use a negative experience as a trigger to ask for something or to say that you work harder than others and therefore deserve more money. Focus on the facts. What good does your specific experience bring? How many positive changes have you brought? What would you do differently if you were promoted?

If you ask for a promotion simply because at some point you feel frustrated or annoyed with the situation, instead of focusing on the facts, you will achieve nothing.

Giving up and being impatient

Promotions generally don't come when you expect them, even if you clearly deserve them. The key is to try to understand what your boss wants from you in order to justify your move to a new role.

If you give up and don't wait long enough, you'll never get promoted

Use your relationship with your boss to focus on how you can improve and do more for your company. If you act this way, promotion will come sooner than you think.