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How to respond to those who insult you at holiday dinners

How to respond to those who insult you at holiday dinners

It's Christmas dinner and someone says: Would you like some sugar or are you getting fatter?

You have two options: let people comment, or stop them before they start.

The Huffington Post has envisioned some scenarios that could happen and the answers that could be given.

Scenario 1: Spam comments about your weight

Whether positive or negative, commenting on other people's bodies is inappropriate. We can never be sure that we know someone's health status – they may have lost weight due to an illness, gained weight due to pregnancy, or undergone some other change for reasons beyond our control (eg ., struggling with an eating disorder) . So even a seemingly positive comment can negatively affect the person.

Jessi Kneeland, a body image coach, recommends tailoring your response depending on who is talking.

If you love that person, this may be the place to explain how these types of comments affect you or others.

Try these scenarios: “I prefer not to discuss my body/weight. This is really personal.” Or, "Please don't make comments about my body."

Scenario 2: Unsolicited comments about how much or how little you eat

How much or how little you choose to eat is a personal preference and can fluctuate depending on hormones, activity, health, age and mood, among other factors. We usually eat more on holidays. There's a lot of hysteria about holiday weight gain, but rest assured – one meal doesn't lead to instant weight gain.

Often, judgment can start inside your head. It's helpful to talk about food in a neutral way, rather than demonizing dessert and celebrating skipping meals in preparation for turkey dinner. People should avoid identifying foods as 'good' or 'bad' or 'healthy' or 'unhealthy'. Try to remember that some foods have more nutrients, but they are not morally superior to other foods with fewer nutrients, and that all foods provide the fuel our bodies need. Eating healthy doesn't make you a more virtuous person and it doesn't make you live longer.

But other times, judgment may come from friends or family members.

In this scenario, try these responses: "This is not a matter for discussion", "Never mind".

Scenario 3: Unsolicited comments about your dietary choices

It is important to remember that you have the right to eat whatever food you want. Even if you are vegan, even if you eat a lot of meat is your business. As an answer, it would be enough: It eats me!