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Now you can book plane tickets cheaper with the help of Google

Now you can book plane tickets cheaper with the help of Google

Booking an airline ticket can be frustrating and frustrating as you try to pick the cheapest flight.

Google Flight comes to your rescue.

The new Google Flights Insights feature will notify users of the best time and affordable prices to book an airline ticket.

With the introduction of the new feature, Google Flights Insights will allow travelers to see when ticket prices are lowest based on historical data for a specific flight.

In Google Flights, price tracking can be turned on to receive automatic notifications when fares drop. The notification can be set up for specific dates, or if you have flexible plans, you can also activate 'every date' to receive emails about prices from the next three to six months.

This new feature will appear below the flight selection menu. According to the selected flight destination and date, the function will notify the suitable time for booking.

In a note, Google also mentioned that average prices for flights from the US to Europe have been lowest 72 days or more before departure. Simply put, average airfares from the US to Europe increase especially when you're about 10 weeks or less from departure.

Google has also reported on Christmas and New Year flight booking trends. According to trends, the best time to book airline tickets to travel for Christmas is 71 days before departure.