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'Flamingo test' that reveals whether there is a risk of dying in the next 7 years

'Flamingo test' that reveals whether there is a risk of dying in the

Life is about balance. Middle-aged people who cannot maintain balance with one foot for 10 seconds are at an increased risk, even dramatic, of dying within seven years. This has been discovered by a new study.

The researchers analyzed 1,702 Brazilians between the ages of 51 and 75 who underwent brief physical testing and then tracked their health over the following years.

The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on Wednesday, argues that the simple test should be included during a person's annual physical activity, as it provides' useful information about the risk of mortality in men and women of age middle-aged and elderly '.

As part of the so-called 'flamingo test', each participant was asked to stand barefoot on one leg while holding the other leg raised in the air, as if imitating one of the hot pink birds. They were also asked to keep their head straight and their arms straight sideways for a period of 10 seconds.

Of the 1702 participants, 20% were unable to complete the test.

Surprisingly, the test became more difficult with age. Only 5% of participants between the ages of 51 and 55 failed the flamingo test, with the number rising to 54% for people between the ages of 71 and 75.

However, in addition to older age, those who failed the test were more likely to be overweight and were three times more likely to suffer from diabetes.

Of those who died, 17.5% had not passed the test and only 5% had passed it.

The researchers concluded that there was an 84% higher risk of mortality from all causes for people who were unable to complete the flamingo test.

“We need to regularly… stand on one foot, get out of a car, climb or descend a ladder, and so on. Not having this ability or being afraid to do so is likely to be associated with loss of autonomy.