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Three reasons to enjoy Coca-Cola. Three decades in Albania

Three reasons to enjoy Coca-Cola. Three decades in Albania

Achievements are those moments that complete us and remain long in our memory. Undoubtedly, these are the moments that we share with the friends of our hearts.

These achievements bring with them celebration, joy and happy moments that we rejoice at our family tables or with friends!

A challenge started on social networks by the Albanian footballer, Renato Malota, reminded us that it is precisely these moments that bring us together to make 'Happy'. Opening a can of Coca-Cola Zero, Malota invited his colleague, footballer Andi Lila, to share an important moment in his career. Being happy with his "Triumph", Lila chose to challenge the footballer Taulant Seferi.

In the context of the 30th anniversary in Albania, Coca-Cola invites all lovers of the drink so dear to Albanians, to make 'Happy' for all the past moments and for the other moments that await us.

This 30th anniversary of Coca-Cola in Albania comes with surprises. Find the code under the red can or on the lid of the promotional packaging and win one of 90 gifts every week:

- Market coupons;

-Coupons for sports clothing;

-The opportunity to meet up close the most beloved Albanian artists.

You can find the rules of the game by clicking on the official website , where in addition to the opportunity to win Coca-Cola, you can also share an inspiring message about the reason you have been happy recently.

This message will appear at the festive concert organized as part of the 30th anniversary of Coca-Cola Bottling Albania.

Yes, we just found out that there will be a concert with some of the most beloved voices of Albanian music, Mc Kresha, Lyrical Son, Ylli Limani, Elvana Gjata and many others!

By celebrating with Coca-Cola this early spring, you can have the opportunity to meet your favorite singers at the concert on May 19!

Happy 30 years of Coca-Cola in Albania and for the other moments that await us!

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