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Habits that are impoverishing you

Habits that are impoverishing you
At the end of each month, if you are wondering where your money went, then it's time to think about where you spent it all. Keep a journal of your daily expenses. Also, make sure you do not have these 6 habits.

Impulse purchases

Because of the easy access to payment methods like credit cards, most people who like online shopping make impulse purchases which we later realize are unnecessary. This habit is toxic to your bank account. You need to find a way to refrain from this.

Use the car at all times

Instead of taking the car for shorter distances, choose to walk. Put that money in a savings account and see the results.

Do not plan your grocery shopping

Stop buying your food according to your daily needs. Go to the supermarket and buy groceries for a longer time. You will end up saving a lot of money if you plan these things.

Eating out

It is good if you eat out once or twice a month or when you go out to meet people, but eating out or ordering every other day is nothing but a waste of money. If you want to eat something delicious, then do it at home, watch videos with numerous recipes available online.

Non-use of discounts

If you buy everything with impulse and not when they are on the decline, you are wasting your money. Make a list of everything you want and buy them when there are discounts.


Smoking not only causes cancer but also empties your pocket slowly.