ALBtelecom promotes the fixed network with the offer of high speed internet 100 Mbps

ALBtelecom promotes the fixed network with the offer of high speed internet 100

The latest investment in the fixed network strengthens the position of ALBtelecom, which has implemented the largest fiber network in the country. These investments have enabled ALBtelecom to offer high speed 100 Mbps internet at a unique price, all over the country.

ALBtelecom continues to lead with the latest fixed network investments, which have created the widest fiber optic network in the country with 123,000 ports, as well as at a speed of 100 Mbps for a unique price, nationwide.

The market has long increased the demand for this service and ALBtelecom responds with a long-awaited offer. Consumers can now benefit from 100 Mbps fixed internet at the best price on the market.

ALBtelecom is the first company to implement 123,000 ports through the GPON network, the best technology available, implemented in record time throughout the country.

It is a unique experience that enables subscribers to experience an extraordinary internet, with incomparable super speeds from the first leading operator in the fiber optic technology network.

"Fixed network remains our strongest point. We are very pleased that new investments in fixed network have given us the opportunity to offer high speed internet, which this season will be at a competitive price in the market." - said Mr. Ervin Shpori, CEO of ALBtelecom.

At a time when the demand for communication and internet is growing equally in every corner of the country, ALBtelecom has managed to own 4680 km of fiber through GPON technology in Albania. This investment is one of the largest made in the industry and serves as confirmation of the commitment the company has with its customers, to provide the best standards for everyone, everywhere, at the most affordable prices.