All about 5G and the 4th Industrial Revolution it is expected to cause

All about 5G and the 4th Industrial Revolution it is expected to cause

We often hear talk about the newest technology, 5G, which in some Western countries has already begun to be successfully applied in various sectors. But as technology and the telecommunication industry develop at breakneck speed, it is sometimes difficult for people to follow. 5G is the future that we all need to get familiar with and Vodafone Albania has an ambitious plan to implement True 5G Technology in Albania.

As the General Director of Vodafone Albania, Mr. Balazs Revesz, explains, "Vodafone Albania is not in a hurry to bring 5G coverage, but is working to bring this technology to the maximum quality" so that the customer experience is also maximum.

5 years ago, Vodafone Albania brought exclusively and for the first time the 5G experience to Albania. We remember the 2019 demonstration with Prime Minister Edi Rama, who appeared live on social networks behind the wheel of a self-driving car. This was a fantastic idea to show the power of 5G, not only because of the Prime Minister's high profile, but because it is publicly known that he does not have a patent (which shows that this experience was not fabricated.)

All about 5G and the 4th Industrial Revolution it is expected to cause

What is the ambitious plan of the technology leader, Vodafone Albania, for the implementation of 5G and when will it be implemented in Albania? What does this state-of-the-art technology consist of and what are the advantages for the Albanian consumer?

There are many curiosities and questions about 5G, many of which were answered by the General Director of Vodafone Albania, Balazs Revesz, in the show "Now from Erla" on Euronews Albania.

The world is on the verge of the 5G revolution and Vodafone is a world leader in 5G technology, therefore Albania will not be left behind in this direction. As part of Europe, Albania needs 5G technology just as much. Which is thought to revolutionize life in every aspect, but is especially expected to transform businesses and the economy. 5G can support millions of sensors and devices through which the chain of logistics, production, quality control, etc. can be automated.

The implementation of 5G in the country requires large investments on the part of a telecommunications company. Investments to bring 5G to Albania are different, starting from infrastructure, technology, spectrum and operational mechanisms. Provision of the necessary spectrum by the government is usually one of the most significant expenses. There are also cases in the world when the government gives operators the opportunity to use the money for the spectrum for other investments in 5G.

Other investments will be in Technology and Equipment, Human Resources and Training, Marketing and customer base expansion, Regulatory Compliance and most importantly, Sustainability Initiatives so that our 5G network relies on green energy.

But one of the question marks regarding technology implementation is human resources. Europe currently suffers from a lack of digital skills. Today there are around 10 million IT specialists in Europe, while the continent needs at least 20 million eyes. The same applies to Albania where only 4% of the workforce is specialized in IT. If we want Albania to be the digital hub of the region, the number of IT specialists must be doubled.

On the other hand, the IT sector in Albania can be proud of skilled, creative and motivated professionals, who possess great expertise in technology and have a business mindset, which makes them competitive all over the world. The talent of Albanians in IT is confirmed by the news that the engineers and the Albanian digital team of Vodafone Albania developed the First Global Application for the entire company.

As 5G is expected to bring the next revolution, Vodafone has started work to ensure, as always and in everything, the maximum and best experience of its customers, whether individuals or businesses!