Everything you need to know not to miss the meeting with the Strawberry "Strawberry"

Everything you need to know not to miss the meeting with the Strawberry

After a few days, the sky will give a spectacle with the "Strawberry" Supermoon. The special phenomenon is expected to occur on June 14. This is the Full Moon "Strawberry" which is ready to amaze those who choose to give up a few hours of sleep to enjoy the show.

The first "real" super moon of this year

The full moon of flowers was definitely one of the events that followed the heavenly phenomena enthusiasts, fascinated by the fact that the full moon of May gave us a fascinating lunar eclipse. But fascinating as it may be, the full moon of May was not a "real" supermoon.

To determine the conditions under which a satellite can be defined as a supermoon thought astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979, according to which it was determined that the satellite to receive this quality must be at a distance equal to or less than 361,885 km from Earth , measured from the centers of two celestial bodies. The full moon of May "lost" the title for a short time, as it shone 362,127 km away from us.

The real supermoon is the one that will shine on June 11th. That is why Strawberry Moon will be the first protagonist of an amazing show.

The name derives from the customs of Native Americans, who identified the full moon with elements that referred to the characteristics of the period. This is why the full moon of June, the month during which delicious red fruits ripen, is also known as the Strawberry Moon.

When you can see the Supermoon in June

The UAI (Union of Italian Amateur Astronomers) has announced that the Moon will be full on June 14 at 13:00.

The June supermoon will be visible from all over Italy even to the naked eye and in case of cloudy skies it will always be possible to follow the broadcast event on the Virtual Telescope Project website.

The meeting with the second Super Moon 2022 is for next month, the Full Moon of Deer, scheduled for July 13th.