An app is said to detect Covid by phone

An app is said to detect Covid by phone

While still in the testing phase, the ResApp app was found to be able to accurately identify Covid-19, in 92% of infected people.

Professor Catherine Bennett, a member of ResApp's Covid-19 Scientific Advisory Board, said: "The sheer scale of this global pandemic and the potential evolution towards an endemic disease means that we need faster diagnostic tools.

"By rapidly diagnosing Covid-19, the ResApp test would significantly reduce the number of rapid antigen and PCR tests, while still maintaining the disease surveillance needed to manage the continued spread of Covid-19."

An app is said to detect Covid by phone

The application was tested on 741 patients in India and the US - including 446 with Covid-19.

Participants completed surveys on the symptoms they were experiencing and coughed over the phone.

The results showed that the app was able to accurately detect Covid in 92% of people with the virus.

The researchers further tested the app to see if it would detect Covid-18 specifically by testing it with the cough of 1,007 patients suffering from other respiratory illnesses, including asthma, pneumonia and respiratory tract infections.

These tests revealed that the application detected Covid-19 with 90% specificity.

Pfifer has offered to buy the app for almost $ 55 million to further refine it.