After 27 years, Internet Explorer retires today

After 27 years, Internet Explorer retires today

As of Wednesday (today), Microsoft will no longer support the once dominant Internet browser "Internet Explorer". Some might love it, others hate it, and some still claim to adore it. The 27-year-old app now joins the BlackBerry phones, which have been thrown in the trash of technology history.

The "death" of IE (Internet Explorer) was no surprise. A year ago, Microsoft said it would end Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022.

The company made it clear it was time to move on.

Microsoft Edge is the one that has replaced it.

Microsoft released the first version of Internet Explorer in 1995.

IE's connection to Microsoft has always been seen as a barrier to advancing other browsers like Google's Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Chrome. It has always been thought about how part of Microsoft has taken precedence.

Since 2000 people have started complaining that IE was slow and vulnerable to hacking.