How to remove children from social networks

How to remove children from social networks

There is a link between mental disorders and compulsive use of social media. And the problem seems to be getting worse in the case of girls. How to avoid this?

Psychologist Jean M. Twenge of San Diego State University in the US, along with other researchers, recently published a study that establishes a correlation between mental disorders and social media use.

The study found that especially young people use social networks, mainly Instagram and TikTok, about 10 times more than any other type of application or screen device. This means that if a teenager stays on the screen for 10 hours, 9 hours use only social networks.

These are conclusions similar to those of Facebook internal research discovered by the Wall Street Journal a few months ago. This research highlighted a link between staying on Instagram, depression and feelings of inferiority, especially in girls.

A fruitful effort to stop children from using social networks for a long time is to limit them through applications. Available in the App Store and play store, apps like Family Link and others that limit the length of stay. Focus Mode is one of them.

Focus Mode is available on every Android phone, and if enabled, it closes notifications for predefined time intervals.

Also for children under 18 you can download applications that control their phone usage, time spent with it, areas where it circulates and history it follows. You need to check phones and block inappropriate content and set a limit on the Play Store, YouTube, etc.