Episode of ZzemeMirënPodcast with Igli Taren

Episode of ZzemeMirënPodcast with Igli Taren

What does a man do who has lived in the midst of fame and success, and the moment comes when he must retire? Some experience it with drama, others see the beauty of new life, new habits.

Igli Tare turns 51 in July. He started his career as a footballer when he was 16.

Unlike his peers, there was no painful parting with the green field, because the day he left professional football, he became the director of his team at Lazio.

Now, a year removed from the management of Lazio, he says that he is living a good time, between yoga in the garden of his house, traveling and a new relationship with life. It is a special episode and one of those stories where you learn that life is a matter of balance, but especially a journey that should be made seeing the glass half full and not half empty. That's what Igli always did, as a star on the field and as a person in life!

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